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EUROFINANZZA is an international organization and leading worldwide operator of mail drop and virtual office services, bringing together, people, property and technology to provide you with a platform for doing business on flexible terms, whenever and wherever you require.

Sometimes you need a reliable address where you can be sure you'll receive all of your mail and package deliveries no matter where you might be on the globe. You need an address that offers privacy, security and convenience. EUROFINANZZA offers your private mailing address with re-forwarding services, and dedicated telephone and fax lines that provide a distinct advantage over renting at a regular post office box.

EUROFINANZZA Virtual Office Services provides you with a world-class image. You receive all the benefits of a permanent office without the need to actually be there - the EUROFINANZZA Virtual Office Services centres addresses for your business and professional voice mail & fax service where you can check messages from anywhere around the world. So you can concentrate on running your business, while a professional support team handles the rest.

The following Virtual Office packages include:

Mailing Address (Not PO Box)
Mail Forwarding
Fax Services
Voice Mail
Term: 1 year, renewable

Think of it... Your own corporate business address in one of the business capitals of the world! Become an international company, instantly. Finally, an office support services without investing big time and money.
We offer a complete corporate identity package with business support services ranging  from:

· Your own International virtual office
-Will re-forward your mail to you, anywhere!
· Free re-mailing of your outgoing mail
· Voice mail and fax service with forwarding options
· Handling of all special requests...

In 120 cities worldwide, and over 70 countries.

All our services can be customized by arrangement, so if you do not find everything you are looking for in here, or you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always pleased to be helpful.

Get your mailing address within 24 hours!




Most people would assume that if they are not involved in crime or terrorism their mail, phone, car, home and office are likely to be of interest to the government or bureaucrats. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Even if your own affairs are 100% legitimate, it is virtually certainly that among your friends and business acquaintances there will be someone whose not. Unfortunately, through the activities of others you could find your phone records being examined, a tracking device fitted to your car, bugs installed in your office or your mail being scrutinised. It sounds outrageous but it is not so difficult to understand the potential risk when you consider in a complex investigation the police and government do not - as a rule - know in the early stages who is a criminal or accomplice and who is totally innocent. During this process of elimination all sorts of nightmares can arise which can create major headaches to someone who through no fault of there own has come to the attention of government authorities.

When people find themselves the subject of unwanted attention it is usually because of a connection to someone you may never suspect is a drug dealer, terrorist or insider dealer. Although you could find yourself subjected to a variety of types of surveillance, we will examine mail security first. Most of us take it for granted that if we send a letter from point A to point B it will arrive at the other end without being tampered with, and that if it was we would know. Unfortunately, this is not strictly true, mail can be interfered with in a multitude of ways; a friend who worked for the Intelligence services informed us that several types of mail surveillance are regularly used. He confirmed that mail is sometimes inspected by both authorized, government, and non-authorised, private investigators, using techniques which employ varying degrees of sophistication.

The most basic official investigation is called 'mail cover' where the postal authorities are instructed to either photocopy the envelopes of all letters to a certain address, or alternatively note the post marks in a book and with return addresses if any. Surveillance can lead to all sorts of problems, it is only through this type of procedure that either the criminal is caught or the innocent individual is excluded from the investigation. At the next level mail is scanned by various means, either by using bright lights to look through the envelope or by using solvent to render the envelope transparent, which makes the contents readable, the solvent then evaporates leaving no trace. Going a stage further, investigators can open letters discreetly, in the case of a private investigator, this is usually a very serious offence - in most countries - but if they were good at there job, you would never know. The normal route to gain access to the contents of a letter is to open the seam at the side of the envelope, this can often be peeled apart and resealed without detection, the other route used by experts which requires considerable practice is to use a slither of bamboo to roll up the letter and pull it out through the gap at the top.

If a monitoring operation has been undertaken by the police or security services - for the purpose of serious crime detection or investigation - they will almost certainly get the person they are trying to nail. We are not talking about the odd offshore account or a bit of cash in hand work, but a serious high-level investigation. In these circumstances a person has only two options, accept the worst or stop doing whatever it is that triggered the investigation! If they do not break the law from that point on then things may start to settle down, obviously the investigation would be viewed as a serious warning! Unless you are a career criminal, finding yourself in this situation means it is time to seriously rethink your activities. Avoiding a stint in the slammer has to be the number one priority for anyone with a degree of commonsense.

Mailing Address Services or Mail drops are also known as letterboxes, mailbox rentals, accommodation addresses, re-mail services and mail forwarding services. These services play an important role in protecting the privacy of our clients. We can arrange mailing addresses virtually anywhere I the world, they are useful to create the appearance that either you or actually in the location yourself or that your company is operating from there. This has a number of advantages, especially if fro example France is your target market and you combine a French mailing address with a French phone line.

At one time we would produce a list of all mail drops currently available, this now seems pointless. Firstly, the list would be enormous. Secondly, some organisations such as credit reference agencies create databases of mail drop addresses which would undoubtedly diminish their benefits. We can usually arrange addresses in almost any country of your choosing. The cost of a mailing address service tends to vary dramatically depending on the location. If you require an address elsewhere let us know because we have hundreds more on file in over 70 countries.

The uses of an offshore address are endless; they can be used for normal day-to-day business applications, or just to convey the impression that you live miles from where you actually do - ideal if you are in a messy relationship! In addition to receiving and forwarding mail, many of the people who run our mailing addresses are happy to for you to send them your letters, they then stick on the local stamps and mail them back to your own country further enhancing the impression you actually live actually live there.

If you send a letter from Europe to North America for your mailing address staff to mail back, don't use A4 paper. In America the A4 equivalent is a different size entirely, the exact dimensions are 8.5 x 11 inches this is a bit wider and shorter than European A4. Using A4 when it purports to have been sent from the US is an immediate giveaway, any official or investigator who is on the ball would catch you out immediately. If you need a ream of US paper go to a paper specialist who will cut it to size. Finally, the envelopes, if you can't get foreign envelopes let us know, we can arrange for some envelopes to be sent from another country. Most importantly, remember that if you live in Europe but want to appear to be in America the envelope doesn't have to be American, it just has to appear to be American, it just can't be British e.g. Basildon Bond or Conqueror, German or French envelopes are perfectly OK but American is best if you can get them. Some US embassies can recommend a supplier for your American stationary needs.

One option, which is very popular with our clients is to ask their mailing address service to send them some local picture postcards, they then write the card and send it back to be re-mailed to wherever they want it to go. This works well, avoids the problems of getting hold of the correctly sized paper, it's simple and very convincing. A more recent twist is finding a suitable picture on the Internet, this is ideal if you have told everyone you live in the Caribbean and you have a local looking e-mail address, such as, once you find a picture you like, maybe a picture of a beach bar, save it and e-mail it to someone saying you took it yesterday to show them the local bar! This is quick and works well.

Other uses of foreign addresses are to receive bank statements and financial correspondence, register local driving licences and vehicles, deflect debt collectors, confuse ex-partners, receive parcels, which you wish to collect when you are there. Most people tend to gave two possible options, a PO Box or a private mailing address service; the advantages of a commercial mailing address over a PO Box are set out below:

- In some locations, you have the choice of street address or a PO Box number, both have advantages and disadvantages. A street address generally looks more prestigious, it is also better for receiving letters and parcels from courier firms. Keep in mind when you decide between a street or box address that in most countries the Post Office will not accept private courier deliveries from firms such as FedEx or DHL

- It is possible to phone up and check whether a particular letter has been received. Sometimes the owner of the address service will agree to open letters and bank cheques for you although they would normally charge for the service. We can suggest several ways to separate routine important mail such as cheques and payments from routine enquires or circulars. The key is to have cheques or important financial items sent to a department such as "Accounts" at your mailing address or a name so you can determine what items are there without the Maildrop owner needing to open the envelope.

- Mailing addresses will forward mail to wherever you want it to go and don't mind changes of forwarding address. In some countries, the Post Office will not forward outside the local area.

- The Post Office in most countries, including the UK and USA will give out the address behind a PO Box on request, a good mailing address is highly confidential, and they will not reveal your details unless they are served with a court order. All address services, which we recommend, are either screened or checked by ourselves or have been specially recommenced by clients who have used them in the past.

Be wary of mail drops which solicit clients with words like "make debts disappear or avoid your creditors" these people attract all sorts of fraudsters and con artists, obviously the last thing you want is to be connected to an address that is known to be used by lowlife:

- The mailing usually offers supplementary services, such as receiving faxes, making phone calls, accepting hand delivered items from clients, opening parcels and advising regarding contents.

- Snoopers and private investigators generally see mailing addresses as a 'dead end'. If the address is set up with security in mind, the mail drop operator will not be able to assist even if they want to.

- Mailing addresses can be used as a safe keeping point, some provide a lockable box, and all you need to do is put a locked pouch in a box with instructions on it not to forward - assuming you use their forwarding services.

The box or pouch is ideal for keeping letters, documents, computer discs or anything you want to keep private. The lockable box or pouch is also ideal for friends, spouses and business colleagues to have access to items they might need in a certain town, examples include house or car keys, contact details, a bit of spending money, etc.

Finally, we come to an area that is rather specialised. It is a course to take if you are worried that a standard confidential mailing address service may not be enough. If you are in this position, we can set up a high security structure that is totally impregnable. So far, when clients - not involved in crime - have requested a maximum security structure, not one has ever been penetrated. In one case a client who designed and marketed software came under a concerted attack from a huge US based competitor that is a well-known household name.

What happened was that the client was selling a piece of software he had developed, the competitor was about to launch their own version at a vast cost in terms of promotion and advertising generally. The US based competitor spent tens of thousands trying to find out who was behind the product; by laying false trails and providing false information they never got close. Nevertheless, the whole operation was very protracted and stressful to everyone involved; it requires the services of ex police officers, financial experts and us to spin them in circles until they are forced to give up.

Please Note: We arrange facilities to assist your business or deal with adverse situations in your private life. We do not set them up to facilitate crimes such as fraud.



A typical scenario would be that you need an address to receive personal or business mail. You have o serious financial or personal problems and are not trying to avoid anyone; the address is required simply to for secure day-to-day processing of correspondence. We have found that many clients who are regularly away from their home or office need a place that will hold letters and packets safely; as a result, they often tend to require this type of facility. A standard service can also be helpful to businesses by providing an address in a town where it is desirable to have a presence. The final groups of clients who use this type of arrangement live abroad and need a UK address - often with local phone facilities - for business or personal reasons.

Some clients often require enhanced levels of security. Let's assume you are involved in a relationship, which needs to be handled discreetly, or maybe you need to receive business correspondence at arms length due to problems with competitors. Another possibility could be that you need to introduce 'an apparent competitor' into the market in which your company operates. Numerous scenarios exist which often require enhanced security, other possibilities are avoidance of the press, keeping and ex wife or husband at arms length or possibly you need to receive accounts and bills in total confidence.

Maximum security is usually required when private investigators, press, competitors or anyone else who seeks to cause you serious problems is actively harassing you and is clearly very determined. Often clients need Maximum security facilities because they have received. threats or serious financial problems. Other clients have included people who work in sensitive areas and require maximum confidentiality due to constant snooping from multinational competitors, or who require high levels of personal security due to stalking or harassment.

Another possibility is maybe you wish to operate in an area of business where you are known, but were it discovered you were active you would suffer serious problems, or maybe you wish to litigate but not to risk your opponent retailing in the run up to a court hearing. The possibilities are endless and only a few clients need such extreme protection and it is important that we asses your needs correctly.

If you have specific requirements please contact us. We will make every effort to help you to protect your business or personal affairs by setting up the appropriate level of security.


How does Mail Forwarding work?
Your post is received. By Mail Forwarding Service or Mail Drop who then forward it to you unopened in a plain unmarked envelope. You can change the address where you receive your mail as and when required. Always confirm a change of address in writing and ask them to confirm the instruction back to you, by e-mail or fax to avoid the problem of lost mail.

What is the difference between standard mailing addresses and a high security structure?
A standard mailing address arrangement consists of just one address, as opposed to a high security mailing structure which is layered. To show you how this works lets assume you have a Mail Drop address in Oslo, Norway and that the forward the mail to another Mail Drop in Rome, who in turn send it to a Mail Drop in London or New York where you have a key to collect the post 24 hours a day. This creates a very high degree of security because not only would they need to penetrate security of all three Mail Drops - very unlikely and one of them is almost certain to tip you off - but they would have to sit for days waiting for you to collect the mail. To penetrate a secure structure takes such a degree of effort it just doesn't happen and the above is just an example, it can be made even more secure

Does a high security mail structure delay my mail?
Unfortunately mail moving through three countries will slow things down but if you use DHL or another currier it will only be a matter of a few days.

Can we send letters to the address operator and have them mail them out so they are franked in the correct area?
Yes! This is what is commonly referred to as Re-mailing. It's best that you send them in envelopes in which they are to be mailed; some mail drops can provide you with a stock of envelopes and stamps if necessary.

Do I need an e-mail address?
Being able to communicate by e-mail makes everything much more convenient and reduces cost by avoiding phone calls and faxes, although it is not obligatory it certainly saves a lot of hassle. If you don't already have an e-mail address we recommend ZipLip who have proven very good. If you prefer a personal e-mail address in your own name or business name with a mail box which can be accessed from anywhere you have access to the Internet contact us for advice, this service is very straight forward to setup.

How many names can I use at the mailing address?
Business - You can normally use one or two individuals’ names in addition to your company name for the business; additional names, e.g. other directors, are usually charged at 30% to 50% surcharge depending on the Mail Drop operator. If mail carries the persons name and the company name, you can generally use as many as you wish.
Personal - For individuals two people with the same surname are usually entitled to use the service at no additional charge. Additional names are generally charged at 30% to 50% surcharge depending on the Mail Drop operator.

What are the terms and conditions?
Terms and conditions vary; usually box rentals are paid yearly in advance. When rental is for one year, renewal is made by paying next year’s rent. If you require a facility for less than one year please let us know, we recommend a minimum of six months.

Do I get Credit or refunds if I cancel after a few months?
Credit or refunds are not normally given for partial year rentals

How much notice would I get if the service ended due to unforeseen circumstances?
Cancellation of the agreement would be given in writing with at least 1 month notice.

Are some countries better than others?
Yes, if you are interested in pornographic books the Dutch are pretty relaxed, whereas the UK and Irish authorities are still uptight about sex generally. Every country has its weakness, try setting up a Mail Drop in Berlin selling Nazi memorabilia and the authorities will be tearing their hair out! It is crucial to select the Mail Drop carefully to maximise the benefits. For day-to-day business purposes selling normal products and services the only important consideration is usually the speed of local postal services in getting mail to where it's needed and the ancillary services that are available. Remember mailing addresses always creates an impression in the minds of your clients. For example if you had a website selling Yachting or Jet Ski accessories and a mailing address at Puerto Banus near Marbella in Spain in the address would look much more impressive to your clients than an address in Clacton-on-sea in the UK; the same would apply if you were selling American cars from an address in Malibu, California add a couple of local phone numbers and everything looks perfect. I am sure you get the general picture of what can be achieved; it all comes down to the right Mail Drop in the right location.

With a little thought, the address you choose can dramatically affect profits, we can always help you regarding the carious things that can be set up and how it works best for you.

For complete range of our Services and Package Fees - visit our page next pages inside this main Menu – VIRTUAL OFFICES.

Should you have a specific enquiry or need of a specific quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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