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St. Vincent and the Grenadines
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is an independent state in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea, consisting of the island of St Vincent and the 32 northernmost islands.

St. Vincent is blessed with lush mountains, volcanic-rich soil and unspoiled landscapes of brilliant flora and beautiful crystal clear waters.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines was discovered by Columbus in 1498. This multi-island state became independent on October 27, 1979.

The Bank is a full member of the British Commonwealth, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the International Labour Organization, Caricom, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. The main city and financial centre, Kingstown, is situated on St. Vincent Island.

Each island is very individual in style and appeal unspoiled with irresistible white sand beaches, warm clear seas and remoteness from the pressures of life.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the world map
In 1996, the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines created the new International Financial Services Authority and enacted a set of laws that not only reflect the best elements of modern international legislation, but also accept the reality of today's information technology.

There are up-to-date laws governing International Business Companies, International Banks and International Trusts, as well as a law ensuring proper preservation of confidential relationships in financial services.

For the international client, whether corporate or private, St. Vincent offers a politically stable, secure and modern environment in which to do business.



• Principal Member of MasterCard International Card Association as a Maestro Issuer and Cirrus Member
• As a member of SWIFT, the bank is able to access a secure, encrypted banking network connection to more than 8,000 financial institutions worldwide
• Audited by KPMG
• Legal Counsel by Commission & Commissioning in Kingstown, St. Vincent
• Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer Policies
• Regulated by International Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

• Handling clients' data in strict confidentiality, in accordance with governing law and international standards
• Strict security procedures and policies for protecting clients' details and preventing access to information
• Personal data is not given to 3rd parties.

• Sophisticated encryption technology prevents clients' sensitive account information from being intercepted and deciphered
• Secured computers and browsers turn your Loyal Bank transmission data into numeric code and back again to meaningful information. Our computer system is not connected directly to Internet.
• Client Authentication Device - the Digipass provides secure client identification for access to Loyal Bank banking system
• Client ID Numbers and Passwords help safeguard clients' information
• Fulfilment of Transactions: all client telephone calls are recorded and Internet banking sessions are filed in our archives. This allows us to protect our clients' transactions.

• NON-STOP Facilities: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• Available both via Internet and telephone
• 24-hour live customer support
• Available from anywhere in the world

• The most advanced technology and a high level of automation
• Highly qualified, multi-lingual customer service, financial and IT staff
• Individual dedicated approach




We are a competitive financial institution, offering special types of services – an institution flexible enough, to adapt quickly to new market demands. Thus we are an International electronic Bank that can be accessed through the telephone system or via Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - from anywhere in the world.

The mission of our Bank is to provide confidential, secure and reliable 21st century banking services to a reputable customer base, corporate and private, supported by a highly trained professional staff and using the most up-to-date electronic methods. Our base is in St. Vincent as it offers the most relevant, comprehensive and current suite of International Banking and Trust legislation available.

As your company has several members whose payment generates costs, we offer a program built around a payment method, which would benefit both the company and its members.

What we offer is an easy, international, cost-effective and more convenient way to pay your members’ directly to a card account.

You can open hundreds of card accounts for your members and make thousands of electronic transfers via encrypted (PGP) file format and your transfer will be executed within one banking day to all your members!

We are pleased to offer your company a payment solution that will save you time and money through the CPS (Corporate Payment Solution). This system will be most attractive to your clients also, saving them time and money, thereby fostering and developing loyalty to you!

The basis for this program is a CPS account, together with the Loyal Bankcard, which is a Cirrus/Maestro debit bank card. In details, here is how it works:

1. You open a Main Bank Account with the Bank for your company. Automatically a so-called Technical Account is open for you within your main account; this is to increase security through an encrypted software program that will be sent to you for no cost.

2. We issue the Maestro/Cirrus bankcards to your members with their secure, 24X7 accessible Bank accounts.

3. You place a deposit onto your corporate Bank account. You will then pay/send the remittances from this account, within the same bank, to the cards of your clients. This will give you a revolutionary new way to distribute electronically payments to your clients while saving a lot of money on transfers.

4. The data exchange between your company and the Bank is executed via an encrypted file format containing data necessary for card account opening or funds disbursement.

Reduced remittance payment costs, unbeatable banking rates
This way of payment is highly cost-efficient, especially in cases when your member is international i.e. working in different countries.

With Maestro/Cirrus debit cards there is no cost difference in a transfer to a person from say Beijing or from Toronto.

There is no time or geographical limits, and costs are minimal!

Reduced paperwork
Transfers are electronic and automated, so there is no need to send checks or administer data on paper each time payments are maid. This means more benefits for your company such as less paperwork, less administration, and less problems of payment tracking.

No time lapse in payments
Payments from your company to your members are credited at each day closure, meaning that money can be accessed within one banking day. There is no time delay as with international bank transfers often happen.

Various payments
The CPS program will enable your company to pay your partners not only the commission, but also extra incentives or bonuses onto their bank account.

Members will collect payments onto their Cirrus/Maestro cards supported by the banking services of the Bank. No matter where they are in the world, with this single tool your clients will be able to:

Access money 24 hours a day anywhere
The Bank Maestro/Cirrus card is a great tool to access cash from over 900,000 ATM cash machines worldwide where the Maestro/Cirrus logo is displayed. Your clients simply use their card instead of carrying cash, which is a more secure way to handle money. The Bank cards are PIN code protected, so only the cardholder can withdraw money.

Members will no longer have to cash checks at banks, check cashing stores, who charge high fees. Instead, the full value of their remittance will be immediately accessible through any ATM Machine.

Pay with the Loyal Bank card in shops
Your clients will be able to pay for products and services in over 30 million shops and commercial outlets worldwide. Using the Bank card is more secure than cash, and more secure than credit cards. Only the cardholder knows the PIN code of the card, so, nobody else can charge the card neither off-line nor on-line.

Bank account of their own
You clients will be able to use their bank accounts to receive money from other sources (i.e. other jobs).

The Bank’s card accounts are not just simple accounts. Your client can purchase other value added services:

Medical & Travel Assistance Insurance;
Internal and external money transfers;
Time deposits;

To open an account with the Bank is very easy. Their Marketing Dep. and Customer Service assist you in every detail. Their costs can be very low depending on the number of accounts you open.

Their CPS program includes all a person needs to receive/send money from anyplace in the world: a bank account to receive their payment, with 24-hour access to the money on the account with a Cirrus/Maestro bankcard. This card can be used in any country of the world in ATM machines and in shops.

So if you are interested in reducing costs in your Company in a secure way and help your members, it is best to do it with our St. Vincent & The Grenadines bankers.

If your Company runs an Affiliate / Partner Program;
If your Company is in charge of the payment of your members;
If your members are from various parts of the world;
If you are burned with administrative work related to transfer payment;
If you would like to save cost, time and energy;

In our case there is only one bank in the whole system, so it means huge savings.

This one bank can be used by anyone from any country with the same easy access. Therefore the company will save considerably a lot, as there will be transfers within the same bank from a technical account to the individual client’s’ accounts.

This is done in a very easy-to-manage way through the CPS. This means that your Company simply informs the bank (in a special and 100% safe encrypted file format) of all the payments to be done, and their clients can have their money on their account the next day!

Your Company will just "load" the clients’ cards weekly, monthly or quarterly with their commissions that will become available on the card. Even more, your clients can add funds from other sources, such as wages from a second job, or other income that the member earns from other sources, and purchases, payments, or cash withdrawals are deducted from the transaction account until the loaded value is spent.

Cardholders can query the balance in their transaction account, real time, 24 hours a day at any Maestro/Cirrus ATM, via a phone or through the Internet, available in 7 languages. The Maestro/Cirrus Debit Card usually has an expiration date of three years from the date issued and can be renewed for an additional fee. But under your request, the expiration date can be shortened to one year.



Corporate Payment System
What we offer is an easy, cost-effective and convenient way to pay your members' salary, commissions or bonuses directly to a card account, without any checks, long lines and with one click!

No more printing checks, fees associated with bank-to-bank transfers, mailing costs and return to sender problems!

The CPS is a cost and time effective way to distribute commissions or salaries to your members, within 24 hours. Each of your member would receive a bank account of their own, a debit card, a PIN for the debit card, and an Internet Access Code to view their balances on-line.

Your members would have access to their funds within a banking day via the bankcard, which is valid for three years and is accepted in almost every country at over 900,000 ATM cash machines and with over 30 million POS merchants.

Advantages of our payment solution:
• There is no maximum of accounts to be opened.
• The transfers to your members will be executed within one banking day.
• Confirmation of the transfers in encrypted file format.
• Members can access their money the next day!
• Saving your money and your members' money.
• Members can check their balance via Internet Bank using the Internet
Access Code that we provide your members FREE OF CHARGE.
• The state-of-the-art system is designed to work at an international level.

The Corporate Payment System will significantly contribute to your company's success and offer your members the best way to receive their well-deserved payments!

If we have gotten your interest please contact us, and we shall be pleased to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.



Payment System is a fast, secure and real time payment method that allows merchants to accept payments online.

This practical merchant tool enables an on-line product or service retailer to accept payments from Bank customers. As the payment will be regarded as an internal transfer there are several benefits for your company and the customer.

Your Benefits:
• Easy to use
• Cost effective
• Fast and secure online banking
• Real time operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Worldwide access to your account via Internet and phone
• No risk of fraud
• Ability to pay for products and services on the Internet (e-purchase).
• Protects your privacy, no credit card number required

In sum, Payment System offers you a new way to attract more customers with only a mouse click. Please contact us to request more information. We will be glad to assist you in setting up this service.



Our bankers offer you the opportunity to open either personal or corporate accounts. Both types of accounts can be held in USD or EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY.
The main currency of the Bank is US dollars.

If you have a USD account with Digipass device you are able to open and maintain your accounts in other currencies such as: EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY.

You may choose between:

• Current account in USD with bankcard only
• Current account(s) denominated in the following currencies: USD (with Cirrus/Maestro debit card) or EUR / CHF / JPY / GBP. Please note that to manage multi-currency accounts you will need the Digipass device.

Internet Bank with your Internet Access Code, provided at account opening:

• Check your current account balance
• Check your history of transactions categorized by time or amount;

Internet Bank with Digipass:
• Check your current account balance(s), all booked transactions, or incoming transactions
• Place time deposits and check their balance
• Execute both internal and external bank transfers
• Execute exchange transactions with currencies in which you have current accounts.

You can order a Digipass device any time so you can access both our TeleBank and Internet Bank

Telebank with Digipass:
• Check your current account balance(s), last online/booked/ bankcard transactions
• Execute both internal and external bank transfers
• Execute bankcard operations (bankcard stoppage without replacement, bankcard stoppage with replacement and bankcard replacement)

You can always withdraw money using your USD bankcard at ATM cash machines and paying for products and services at POS merchants which display the Maestro/ Cirrus logos.

External transfer through the TeleBank System can be executed during the opening hours of the Bank (07.00-16.00 London time) on weekdays at TeleBank System.

The Bank does not accept cash. Money must be transferred electronically to the Bank i.e. bank to bank SWIFT transfer.




Bank Card
Our bankers are a Principal Member of MasterCard International Incorporated and it is supported by MasterCard Latin-American and Caribbean regional operations.

MasterCard is a global financial services corporation that has historically provided innovative programs and services to its over 23,000 financial institution members in over 220 countries and territories.

MasterCard debit programs - Maestro and Cirrus - provide the foundation for one of the industry's most comprehensive Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Point-of-Sale (POS) card enhancement programs.

Our bankers hold the license to issue US$ denominated Cirrus/Maestro debit cards. The debit cards issued by the Bank have the name of the cardholder engraved on it.


Due Diligence
Due diligence is a major cornerstone of the bank, and as such, all our customers are subject to appropriate due diligence. This will seek to assure that our institution is comfortable conducting business with a particular Customer given the customer's risk profile. In this way, in the year 2002 they further developed its' AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies for both existing and new customers. They have been developed keeping in mind the practices required by regulatory authorities of the banking sector. This procedure was also designed to be simple, well defined and easy to accomplish.

Furthermore, the Bank operates in a regulatory environment that is internationally recognized in the fight against money laundering. In addition to due diligence, the Bank also subjects those customers that may present greater risks to enhanced due diligence.

The Bank is fully aware that the AML and KYC policies are not only a tool for combating financial crime, but play an important role in the proper management of our financial institution.

As part of a sound internal control environment, the Bank has policies, practices and procedures in place that promote high ethical and professional standards. In addition, the Bank has adopted the recommendations of financial authorities concerning customer identification and record-keeping.




• Please complete and print 2 (two) copies of the Bank Account Contract
• Please complete, print and sign one copy of the Form.
• Please be sure to enclose all the following documents required.

A notarized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
A notarized copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association/Incorporation
Description of the nature of the business activity on company letterhead signed by the Director(s).
Resolution of the Board of Directors authorising opening of the account and conferring authority on the person who will operate the account
A Notarized Copy of the Authorised Person's and Additional Authorised Person's (or 2 if any)passport or other acceptable ID. The page with photo and signature.
Notarized Copies of ID for all Directors/Officers and Beneficial Owners;
Copy of Utility Bill or a Bank Statement for Authorised Person and Additional
Authorised Persons (if any)
Copy of Utility Bill or a Bank Statement for all Directors/Officers and Beneficial Owners.
Bank References for the Authorized Person and Authorised Persons (if any) as well as for all Directors/Officers/Beneficial Owners;
A password, consisting of not more than 10 Latin characters chosen by you, in a sealed envelope. This password is needed in case you would like to stop the Digipass or bankcard. Please memorize your password!

• Within 10 banking days upon receipt of your documents and approval of the applications, we shall issue your Account Number (12 digits) and Customer ID (8 digits). You will be informed via e-mail first.
• If the account opening documents provided by you are incomplete or not clear, the Bank has the right to contact you for providing all necessary or additional information.
• Once you have your Account Number, Customer ID and wire details, you may transfer funds to your account.
• Mail the copies of the signed forms and the supporting documents to one of the addresses provided by Eurofinanzza.

The first transfer should be larger than:

• with the bankcard only US$75 + 800= US$875
• with Digipass US$75+45 +800= US$920 (account opening fee + Digipass fee + initial min. deposit)

The blocked amount (US$60 or US$120 in case of account with the Digipass device) will be blocked from the initial minimum deposit.

• Once the funds are on your account, US$ Maestro/ Cirrus debit card will be issued.
• First the PIN code for your debit card, together with the 8-digit Internet Access Code for balance enquiry, Account Number and Customer ID will be mailed to you.

US$ Maestro/ Cirrus debit card together with Digipass (if requested) will be sent separately on the next few days.

You should receive all of the above items within 5-12 business days from the date of dispatch (depending on your location).

Please specify additionally, if you wish to receive them by courier at your own cost (100 US$).




Fees and Charges: Bank Card Only - Corporate Account
Corporate Account

USD Current Account with the bank card only

Account Opening

Account opening fee:
Consists of: account opening fee, Maestro/Cirrus debit card, PIN code, IAC, its issuance, personalization and the postage.

USD 120.00

Initial minimum deposit:
minimum deposit is available after account opening

USD 800.00

Account Maintenance Fee

Blocked amount:

USD 60.00 + 1% of the previous day closing balance blocked from the initial minimum deposit

Account maintenance fee:

USD 11.00/month

Credits to the account:
(for incoming SWIFT wires)

USD 8.50

Account closure fee:

USD 70.00

Bankcard Fees

The Bank issues Maestro/Cirrus debit cards to USD denominated accounts only.

Cash withdrawal cost:

USD 3.85 + 1%

Purchase using bank card:

USD 1.25

Decline and balance request fee:

USD 0.50

Bank card stoppage fee:

USD 15.00

Bank card replacement fee:

USD 15.00

Additional Bank card:

USD 15.00

Other Fees

Internet Access Code replacement:

USD 15.00

Internet Access Code stoppage:

USD 15.00

Audit statement:

USD 50.00 / statement

Registering changes to main account data:

USD 1.00 / item

Mailing fee concerning message errors:

USD 35.00 / message

Account Statement issuance and provision to the client:

a. courier:
b. by post:
c. via fax:
d. via email:

USD 100.00 / statement
USD 15.00 / statement
USD 25.00 / statement
USD 1.50 / statement

Other Statements :
(swift message copy, notification, etc.):

USD 15.00 / statement

Bank reference:

USD 40.00

Account Statement
a. for a period from 6 to 12 months
b. for a period from 12 to 24 months
c. for a period greater than 24 months

USD 15.00
USD 20.00
USD 30.00

Mailing by courier:

USD 100.00/package

Denied card chargeback:
(Charged only upon receipt of documents, proving that chargeback request was groundless)

USD 60.00



Digipass: Description

What is Digipass and how to use it.


• is a credit-card size authentication device;
• looks like a regular flat pocket calculator with some extra function keys;
• is easy to use;
• is a stand-alone device (no connection is required);
• secures your transactions via our Internet bank and TeleBank systems
• allows to transfer money to any bank in the world
• is delivered together with its INIT PIN; however, for security reasons you must change it.
• is PIN-code protected and erases its memory if the code has been improperly entered
• generates a unique Response Code each time it is used and this Response Code is only valid for 30 seconds (the server compares the Response Code received with the one generated at the same time by itself and grants approval only if there is a match).
• Any attempt at mechanical intervention will cause the Digipass electronics to self-destruct!

The Digipass gives you access to the full range of our banking services

• Internal transfers
• Bank to bank transfer
• Multicurrency accounts
• Currency exchange service
• Deposit placement
• Telebanking



Internet Bank: Description

Enjoy the convenience of Internet Banking from Loyal Bank

This is one of the most secure and convenient banking services on the Internet - you can:

• Check Current Account and Time Deposit balances
• View the last transactions
• Place a time deposit
• Transfer funds
• and many other

24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year from anywhere in the world.

Our Internet bank is easy to use- all you need is a Loyal Bank account and a personal computer with the Internet connection.

With Digipass you are able to:

• Check Current Account
• View Last Transactions
• Time Deposit Placement
• Internal Transfer
• External Transfer

With Internet Access Code you can:

• Check Current Account
• View last transactions



Banking Guide: TeleBank: Description

TeleBank offers you the following banking facilities:

Non-stop facilities 24 x 7

Banking facilities available during the opening hours (07.00 - 16.00 London time)

  • Enquiry
  • Time Deposit Placement
  • Internal Money Transfers
  • Public Notice
  • Help Desk
  • Time Deposit Termination
  • External Money Transfers
  • Customer Support Services






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